visiting nightingale house

Current visiting procedures at Nightingale House

  • Monday to Sunday 10:00 to 12:00 and 14:00 to 18:00
  • Residents on code D have unrestricted visiting times
  • No need to pre-book before visiting. We would still ask you to inform the household prior to visiting, in order to prevent high numbers of visitors in the households.
  • Lateral Flow Testing and brief questionnaire to be completed at each visit.
  • If relative and resident want to have a meal together they can use the Garden Café. Household should be informed in advance.


How to book a visit at Nightingale House

  1. Click on this link https://nightingalehouserelativevisits.as.me/
  2. Click on a date that works for you to visit
  3. Dates that are in grey either are not available (For example, Saturdays will always be grey as we do not have visits on a Saturday) or are fully booked out
  4. If the 16 day availability period straddles two months, either click on the drop down arrow on the box that says ‘Nov 2021’ and select ‘Dec 2021’ OR you can press the arrow to the right of the box that say ‘Dec 2021’
  5. Click a time that works for you and select ‘continue’
  6. Complete the health/travel questions
  7. Click ‘complete appointment’, you will receive a confirmation email shortly


Rescheduling / cancelling a booked visit at Nightingale House

  1. Open your confirmation email
  2. Select ‘Change/Cancel Appointment’ which you will find at the bottom of the email
  3. To cancel
  4. Select ‘cancel’
  5. Select ‘Yes, cancel appointment’
  6. You will receive an email confirming you have cancelled the appointment
  7. To reschedule the date and/or time of an appointment
  8. Select ‘reschedule’
  9. Choose another date and time that work for you (days that are in grey are either not available or fully booked out)
  10. Select ‘reschedule’
  11. You will receive an email confirming the visit has been re-scheduled


Please Copy All Correspondence To The Residents Services Team: residentsservices@nightingalehammerson.org