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Our vision, mission & strategy

Everything we do is with a ‘Residents first’ approach.

We link this to the Nightingale Hammerson Vision & Strategy.  This is captured in our key objectives which have been shaped to ensure we maintain our current ‘Outstanding’ CQC status at Nightingale House and ‘Good’ CQC status at Hammerson House, Wohl Campus. Our Care Home has been running for 180 years and we are proud of its heritage, faith and more importantly the key provider of care for the Jewish community.

Vision and mission


  • Our vision is to be an internationally recognised centre of care, excellence and innovations; a jewel in the crown of the Jewish community.


  • Our mission is to be the leading organisation, recognised for providing the best Relationship-Centred-Care in the UK and to share what we know.

In developing the strategic priorities for our people, feedback from key stakeholders was sought.

This included a workshop with the Senior Leadership Team (SLT), Head of Departments (HoD’s), Education and Development Group and the HR and Volunteers Team.


Our 2021-2024 strategic priorities are:

  1. We will extend our exceptional care
  2. We will embed continuous improvement & share expertise globally
  3. We will be the exemplar for Relationship Centred Care (RCC)
  4. We will generate the greatest impact for our Residents from our resources
  5. We will expand our innovation programme, including the reach of our intergenerational work and use of technology
  6. We will be a first class employer

Our therapies

We have one of the largest in-house therapy departments within a Care Home setting in the UK.
The multi-disciplinary team comprise our Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, a Moving and Handling Advisor and Dietitian.
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Our care

We tailor our care to the individual needs of each person, taking into account meaningful relationships that contribute to an holistic well-being. Find out more


At the very heart of our ethos is our exceptional programme of engagement that is inclusive, ensuring Residents can enjoy a variety of things to do and to become actively involved. Find out more