Join us on the 30th of June for our Summer Garden Party at Nightingale House

Our values

Our values inspire us. We seek to bring them into every aspect of our care, so they shape both what we do and how we do it.

Our values


  • Putting Residents first, and at the heart of all we do
  • Showing genuine concern for the care and feelings of others
  • Being kind, gentle and respectful.


  • Acting in a polite and courteous manner
  • Having a keen interest in Residents, their lives, values and history, to understand
    and accept them as an individual
  • Embracing all our differences and valuing each other’s knowledge and experience.


  • Always working towards improvement through goal setting and evaluation
  • Going the extra mile is the norm rather than the exception
  • Functioning as an enthusiastic and dedicated team in delivering all areas of care.


  • Supporting Residents to live their lives and fulfil their wishes and needs
  • Ensuring that life as well as death is handled with care and empathy
  • Valuing and honouring Residents’ choices and privacy.


  • Being truthful and honest at all times and doing the right thing
  • Being transparent in all practices and communications
  • Treating honesty and truthfulness as intrinsic values of the organisation.


  • Demonstrating a strong team ethos
  • Working collaboratively for the ultimate well-being of our Residents
  • Acting as partners to ensure the best possible outcome for our Residents and charity.