Good food is important, not only because we take our nutrition and hydration seriously but also because of the enjoyment that food can bring.

Choice, varieties of taste, texture and presentation, as well as the social benefits that meal times offer, are all vital for well-being.

All Residents’ meals are served in the dining room of their household.   Should a Resident wish, they are also very welcome to have a meal in their room.   

Seasonal menu

A seasonal menu, which include a vegetarian alternative, is offered at lunch and dinner.  Specialist dietary requirements are also catered for.   There are also many opportunities for drinks and snacks throughout the day.  Residents are able to give input to the menu choices and our Shabbat and festival menus are always a particular highlight.


Residents may also visit our ground floor café or outside terraces for drinks or a meal if they wish.  These areas are also perfect to enjoy sharing with friends and family.

Therapy services

We have one of the largest in-house Therapy Departments within a care home setting in the UK. The multi-disciplinary team comprises our Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, a Moving and Handling Advisor and Dietitian. Find out more

Jewish traditions

Nightingale House and Hammerson House, Wohl Campus are Jewish homes, respecting everyone’s religious traditions, as well as those who consider themselves non-religious, cultural Jews. Find out more


At the very heart of our ethos is our exceptional programme of engagement that is inclusive, ensuring Residents can enjoy a variety of things to and become actively involved. find out more