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Our care

Nightingale Hammerson offers a Relationship Centred Care approach to each of our Residents.

We tailor our care to the individual needs of each person, taking into account meaningful relationships that contribute to an holistic well-being.

This encompasses a participant’s appreciation and relevance of their relationship with one another. It highlights the importance of not only meeting the needs of the Resident but also addressing needs of relatives and Care Teams. We recognise that quality care only happens when there are strong relationships between everyone involved in the care of our Residents, including Relatives and our Teams of Care Professionals.

Each Household is designed to facilitate the highest level of care and comfort.  This includes the needs for higher dependency Nursing Care or additional support for those living with dementia.  Our independent Residents’ Households offer a wealth of engagement, activities and things to do, providing interest and fun, whilst enjoying the benefits of additional support if and when needed.

Nightingale Hammerson embraces a multi-disciplinary approach to End-of-Life Care, involving Doctors, Nurses and members of the Therapy Team in order to provide comprehensive support to Residents and their Families. We provide Palliative Care for Residents at End-of-Life or needing short-term support to help them through an illness. We implement strategies to ensure the comfort and dignity of our Residents at this sensitive stage of life.

Our forward thinking approach to innovation within care incorporates our pioneering intergenerational programme, our Care Home Education Centre, student placements and our research network.  This makes Nightingale Hammerson a unique environment in which to work, where care provision is directed by the most up to date research and care practice.


At the very heart of our ethos is our exceptional programme of engagement that is inclusive, ensuring Residents can enjoy a variety of things to and in which to become actively involved. Find out more

Our therapies

We have one of the largest in-house therapy departments within a Care Home setting in the UK. The multi-disciplinary team comprise our Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, a Moving and Handling Advisor and Dietitian. Find out more

Our food

Good food is important, not only because we take our nutrition and hydration seriously but also because of the enjoyment that food can bring. Find out more

Jewish traditions

Nightingale House and Hammerson House, Wohl Campus are Jewish Homes, respecting everyone’s religious traditions, as well as those who consider themselves non-religious, cultural Jews. Find out more


Our outreach lead, Stephen Ison, leads the South London Jewish community support service, reaching out to the whole Jewish community in North and South London, as well as Surrey and Kent.
Find out more


To deliver world-class care we need to recruit people who are dedicated, believe in our values and committed to delivering outstanding care to our Residents. We recruit our people based on their ability to live and share our values, who are passionate about caring for others, as well as having exceptional skills in care and teamwork. Find out more

Useful information

Wheelchair guide for visitors

Please click here for our useful guide for Relatives and Visitors.

Latest CQC reports

Nightingale House:

Our level of care has been recognised by governing care bodies. In 2018, the Care Quality Commission rated us ‘Outstanding’.  In 2021, we were again awarded the status of ‘Outstanding’ for our latest CQC inspection at Nightingale House. We are Platinum rated and are Care Home of the Year for the Gold Standard Framework for End of Life Care.  Additionally, we are ranked as one of the top 5% outstanding Care Homes in the Country.

Read our CQC report here

Hammerson House, Wohl Campus:

We are delighted to have been awarded the status of ‘Good’ for our CQC inspection at Hammerson House, Wohl Campus.  CQC commented we have the seeds to reach ‘Outstanding’ in our next inspection.

The Team will keep working hard to ensure we always provide the very highest level of care for our Residents and we thank all our Team Members for making Nightingale House and Hammerson House, Wohl Campus, the wonderful Homes that they are.

Read our CQC report here

How to apply 

We know the importance and emotion that is placed on making a decision to move to a Care Home, either for yourself or for the one you love. It can be a sensitive and stressful time for Families and individuals. We are here to support you during your decision making and throughout each stage of your application with Nightingale Hammerson.

Please telephone Residents Services on 020 8673 3495 or Our Team are always here to talk and to advise on each step of our application process.

Or follow the link below to fill out an enquiry form.

Our fees

Our fees vary depending on the nature of each Residents’ needs. Please see our fees table which details the costs of each of our services provisions and include permanent residency and respite. Fees can be met either through self funding or by the local authorities or NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups.

If you have any questions, our Residents Services Team will be pleased to discuss your options on 020 8673 3495 or email. 

For detailed fees information and further information on funding, please view here.