Physio and occupational therapy

We have one of the largest in-house physio and occupational therapy teams of any care home in the UK, made up of skilled occupational therapists, physiotherapists and a moving and handling advisor.

On arrival, each resident is carefully assessed by our therapy team to make sure they get exactly the support they need to maximise their mobility, stability, safety and well-being. Because our therapists are in-house we can closely monitor each resident and quickly adjust the level of support to meet changing needs.



Physiotherapy is an integral part of residents’ day-to-day lives and enables people to live more independently, confidently and experience less pain. We offer one-to-one physiotherapy sessions that include a range of movement, strengthening, mobility and balance exercises, using bean bags, therapeutic bands, dumb bells and ankle weights. We also offer optional body conditioning exercise classes for residents plus more specific group sessions including chair based exercises, circle dancing and a falls prevention class.


Occupational therapy

Our occupational therapy team carefully assess each person’s ability and how their environment can be adapted to maximise their potential. Bedrooms can be adapted to suit a resident’s particular needs, for example, so people can be supported from the moment they wake until when they go to bed.


Wheelchair guide for visitors 

Please go to this link for our useful guide for relatives and visitors 


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