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Staff Story: Did I make a difference?

30 Mar 2023

I am a Healthcare Assistant and I have been working in Isaac Household since 2021. I help Residents with their bath, I support them with food at mealtimes and I talk to them about their lives, their problems. I know which Residents like to hear about my life, what I get up to out of work, my boyfriends. The Residents love to talk about what they used to do when they were younger and what they would do if they were my age. For example every day Tess says to me, “Live your life, take more risks, love more and have a gin and tonic every night.”

In this job I just live to see the Residents smile. It makes my day. Some of them don’t have children or any family members or friends who visit. That can make you a bit depressed, especially on Shabbat when there are no activities. My focus is on the Residents, it breaks my heart if I see them feeling low. I try to cheer them up. I bring my personality to work and live to make our Residents happy.

As soon as I come to work David says, “Today is going to be fine as you’re here.” They all say it, Dr Stanley, Shirley, Valerie, Sheila and Jennifer. This makes me feel that I am doing what I am supposed to be doing with my life. I know I’m in the right place. I used to work for Sainsbury’s, I was a supervisor for 12 years but I was miserable there. I missed loads of days at Sainsbury’s but I’ve not missed a day here, not a single one! I’m so much happier now, I learn so much more in this job. I feel I have a purpose being there for the Residents, making a difference to their lives is what I’m meant to be doing with mine.

When I finish my shift, I always think, “Did I give my very best to the Residents, did I make a difference to their lives?”