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Staff Story: A real sense of purpose

30 Mar 2023

I finished my A levels last July and this September I start medical school in Edinburgh. This is my very first job. I wanted to see what it would be like to work in healthcare with GPs and nurses and get a feel from them, of what my future career would be like. As a doctor you work with many other care professionals and this job has given me a real opportunity to work across the whole sector with physios and occupational therapists as well.

What I love about working at Hammerson House, is feeling I have done something really special for a Resident, helped them to find purpose in their day. When they are sad or when they don’t have visitors or activities at the weekend, I enjoy being a friend to them. We play board games, read newspapers together, discuss politics. I feel I learn so much. Dr Stanley was so helpful to me. He gave me a lot of advice for my interview for medical school, what to say, even what to wear.

I used to be really quiet and shy before I started this job in September, but the Residents don’t allow you to be quiet, so I’ve become much more confident and social. I talk about politics to Edward, play Rummikub with Wlodka and Anne is teaching me how to play bridge. As well as enjoying this myself, I feel it gives the Residents a real sense of purpose. I really love learning about their lives, what it was like during the war. It feels like we are a family in this Care Home.

I think I will start medical school with much more compassion. Witnessing how quickly some Residents can deteriorate, how much pain they can be in, has given me a true understanding of how fragile life is. I know I am helping the Residents in this final stage of their lives and that feels like a real privilege.