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Resident Review: The care really is marvellous

6 Mar 2023

“When my wife died, I went to pieces. I totally neglected myself. I just couldn’t cope. So I decided to move into a room adjoining my daughter’s house. It was fine at first, but then I fell and broke my arm in two places. I needed much more intensive care, so I moved into a Care Home, a different one, but there was no physio, no nursing. I put up with it for six months as I couldn’t look after myself anymore. I was in a sling for months and it just didn’t mend and I didn’t get the care I desperately needed.

Then in August ’22 I came to Hammerson for a few days before going to the Royal Free to be operated on my arm. The care was so exceptional, I decided this was where I wanted to spend the rest of my days. When I was released from hospital I returned to Pat Household on the dementia wing, until Wigoder Household was ready to house Residents. What a difference to be in Hammerson House! The care here is excellent, so much better than my previous Care Home. I thought that was what Care Homes were meant to be like. I didn’t know any difference. But when I came here I realised what a contrast it was, how much better it was. This is a totally different experience.

The Tuesday morning exercise class taken by one of the physios is first class. They are really good, those physios are. Now my arm is finally beginning to heal. I can do things I couldn’t do when I came here. I can lift myself out of a chair and cut up my food with a knife. Before I came here, I could only eat American style. I have a 1.1 session in the therapy suite each week to build up the strength on my arm. The next step is to work on my balance. I can’t wait to start on the parallel bars.

When I arrived at Hammerson House, I was in a wheelchair, I couldn’t even use the walking frame. Now I am so much more mobile. When I hear people complain in the dining room, I think to myself, let them go and stay in another Care Home! They’ll soon see how special it is here. The care is excellent. The food is good. I know I will never return to my previous Care Home. I am very happy to live here, I really am. The care really is marvellous.” – Resident, Hammerson House