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“I feel totally rewarded and appreciated by the Residents”

19 Jun 2023

“I am from Ghana and I am used to being around older people. I decided to do a Masters in Public Health which gave me a broad insight into social care. I am a Healthcare Assistant on Audrey Household at Hammerson House and have recently started as a Food and Nutrition Lead, with more responsibility. Some Residents on the Household have been losing weight and together with the Dietitian we have put measures in place to encourage them to eat more.

When a Resident is put on food nutrition watch, we put measures in place. We offer small portions and different options.  If I sit with a Resident and give them the time, talk to them about the food they are eating and food they enjoy, it is amazing to see how they become more interested in food. By talking to them about what’s on the menu, showing them the food that is in front of them, it really seems to engage their curiosity in what they are eating.

Despite some of the challenges of working on a dementia ward, I feel totally rewarded and appreciated by the Residents. When you can see that the Residents are appreciative of what you do, it really makes me want to be here. They tell me, “You’re my favourite girl” or “I’m so happy to have you around helping me.” It is very rewarding.

There are many opportunities here at Nightingale Hammerson, the training is excellent and there are opportunities for growth and development. I like the emails that are sent to us each day concerning the different values of the organisation. I find they inspire me to be even more attentive to the needs of the Residents.

I think it is important to learn to read and understand the Residents you are working with, and always to be patient. If you can understand the Residents well, then you are better able to interact with them when they are distressed.” – Bibi Appiah, Health Care Assistant on Audrey