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Heartfelt letter of thanks

10 Aug 2023

“End of life is something one is never prepared for – it is something that we know will come to each of us at one point – especially to our loved ones while they are ill. For us, with our Dad, we obviously knew it would come one day but when it did we were shocked. The staff at Hammerson House – from the Director of Care, Nuno, to the nurses, Rabbi & Esther Livingstone, carers and cleaning staff all were there to hold our hand through this most difficult time.

At the start, butterflies were placed outside the door – this allowed everyone to know we were reaching end of life and give people the chance to say their goodbyes and give us space and support too. We spent 10 days by our dad’s bed – we were comforted with stories about him from each person who entered – they all knew him so well. We were able to watch the love and affection they gave him throughout the 20 months he was there with our own eyes. We were guided by the staff as to what was happening, what each stage meant and in those final moments given our space to say our goodbyes.

What was so important for us and for our dad was that he was comfortable and felt safe. He would never have wanted to be in a hospital or hospice and being able to treat him and tend to his needs in Hammerson House – his home – was so important for all of us. Seeing familiar faces, those faces that we have got so used to, hug us and comfort us too made the hardest times of our lives that bit easier.

Having lost our dad – Hammerson House is our last connection to him. We know without the love and care he got there – those final months and years would not have carried the same memories for us. We cannot express in words our gratitude to all of you and when we walk through those doors now it fills us still with warmth and love – Hammerson House is our extended family – you not only looked after our father but took us all in and we can’t ever forget that.”

– Daughters of Latif Blass