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Nightingale Hammerson
Nightingale House
105 Nightingale Lane
London SW12 8NB

Hammerson House
50A The Bishops Avenue
N2 0BE

General switchboard telephone: 020 8673 3495
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Household telephone numbers (Nightingale House):

  • OSHA: 020 8772 2362
  • Sampson: 020 8772 2397
  • Sherman: 020 8772 2381
  • Wine: 020 8772 2380
  • Wohl First Floor: 020 8772 2375
  • Wohl Ground Floor: 020 8772 2374

In order to allow residents to enjoy uninterrupted mealtimes and for staff to carry out important medications rounds, please avoid calling the units during the busiest times. The preferred times to call are: 10am-12 noon; 1.30pm-5.30 pm; or 7.30pm-9.00pm.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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“I’m so grateful that my mum spent the last four years of her life at Nightingale House.”

Angela Sefton

Daughter of our late resident Phyllis Shapro