Gifts in Wills

 The gift of supporting Nightingale Hammerson Residents is the greatest Legacy you can leave.  An important part of our charitable income comes from legacies, which is integral to our continuing work.

Why is it important to have a Will?

There are only positives to leaving a legacy, once you have taken care of your family and friends.  Leaving a gift to a charity is an effective way to reduce the overall inheritance tax liability on your estate.

If you leave 10% or more of your estate to charity on death, the rate of inheritance tax on the part of your estate that is chargeable will be reduced from 40% to 36%.

What if I do not have much to leave?

All donations, regardless of size are gratefully appreciated. It might be useful to note that one of the benefits of a Will is that you can leave a percentage of your estate rather than a fixed amount.  The gift might increase in value over time.


How to leave a Gift in your Will

Residuary Gift

The remainder of your estate after all your other wishes have been carried out and all expenses relating to your estate have been met.  

Pecuniary Gift

A fixed sum of money decided when your Will is written.  The value of pecuniary legacies may decrease over time because of inflation.  

Specific Gift

A particular named item of value, which could include stocks and shares, property, jewellery or antiques. 

Reversionary Gift

Where you give a friend or family member a life interest in our estate.  After their death, the remainder of your estate carries over to Nightingale Hammerson or other beneficiary.


Useful Notes for Codicil

(i)                  Pecuniary Legacy

I (name) of (address) give and bequeath the sum of £ _____ (free of duties) to Nightingale Hammerson of 105 Nightingale Lane London SW12 8NB (registered charity 207316) and I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer or other proper officer for the time being of Nightingale Hammerson shall be sufficient discharge for the legacy. I wish the said sum to be used for the general purposes of the charity.

(ii)                Residuary Legacy

I (name) of (address) give to Nightingale Hammerson of 105 Nightingale Lane London SW12 8NB (registered charity 207316) all (or specify sum) of the resident of my estate for the general purposes of Nightingale Hammerson and I declare that the receipt of the Treasurer for the time being or other proper officer of Nightingale Hammerson shall be a good discharge for the same.


What are my next steps?

Contact your solicitor to draft a Will or add a codicil to your existing one.  If you do not have one, we can put you in contact with one of our recommended expert solicitors.

If you would like further information or guidance, please contact our Fundraising team on T: or E: