Interview with Luigi Di Mauro, Head of Therapy, Nightingale Hammerson 3.11.2020

Having been at Nightingale Hammerson for two years and living in London for much of his career, Luigi is originally from Italy.   Our Fundraising team caught up with him to find out more about the team and how their work greatly enhances the quality of our residents’ lives.

  • Tell me about your team

The Therapy Team of ten staff is a multi-disciplinary team comprising physiotherapists, occupational therapists and a moving & handling advisor.  We are dedicated and here to support all of our residents at Nightingale Hammerson.

Being on site each day ensures residents have access to our support as soon as is needed.   We are one team with integrated disciplines, providing mobility, functional and independency assessments and interventions when needed.   Being present and visible each day brings reassurance to residents and we really get to know them well; there is a real sense of community and we play an important role with everyone’s care and mobility, supporting independence whenever possible.

Our team also provides education and training to household staff, so they can deliver essential support for residents in their day to day movement and activities.  This is vital for moving and handling techniques and enables them to learn best practice when using equipment.

Falls prevention is vitally important and we continuously assess our ‘falls trend analysis’ by collecting data to provide effective strategies for residents and households to implement in their daily lives.

The team is skilled, hard-working and has a great sense of responsibility.   We are one of the largest therapy teams within a care home environment in the UK and am very proud of each team member.

  • How do you and your team make a difference to the lives of our residents

We work with Nightingale Hammerson’s values at our heart.  Building on our relationship centred care approach with residents enables us to make a difference to every day and to their quality of life.

Independence is incredibly important to our residents.  The team are here to enable this to happen whenever possible.  This is achieved through clinical input, by improving mobility, functionality and to ensure a resident’s environment suits their need.  Holistic well-being, engagement and interactive activities (such as regular exercise clubs) are also very much part of our day to day work.

Our responsibilities reach far and wide around Nightingale House.  This includes assessment reviews as needed, post-hospitalisation follow-up, liaison with families, providing strategies to support the wider care team, meal assessments and meal support.  We also work with external practitioners, manage the beds and mattresses, seating and posture for wheelchair use, 1:1 PT sessions, group exercises, room assessments, footwear and even our residents’ sports days, which are great fun!

  • How do residents access your services

The team meets with every new resident on their first day of arrival at Nightingale House and conduct a series of assessments to support their moving in to their new home.  We identify therapeutic requirements and assess any need for further support to enable their lives to be led with greater ease.   This could include providing mobility aids such as a walking aid or adequate seating such as a wheelchair, tilting-in-space chair, therapeutic cushions or offering 1:1 physical or group sessions.

Our service is provided within the requirements of Care Home regulations and following NICE Guidelines of practice.  We pride ourselves on a high level of professional conduct as our therapists are fully qualified HCPC professionals (our governing body).  If our support is needed a resident may request a self-referral or the household care team can make a request, should they consider any of our therapies could benefit a resident.  Therapy management is always ongoing during a resident’s stay.

  • Tell us something that you really enjoy about your work at Nightingale House

That’s an easy one!  I love being part of the Nightingale Hammerson family.  There is a real sense of belonging and community.  Every day is different and being part of different projects is rewarding.   Leading the therapy team means I am an influencer; I am a servant leader to my team, therefore enabling them to provide an exceptional service for residents improving their quality of life.  My intervention does not impact on one person but leads to improving the lives of many others.  Our residents can be vulnerable and this is why we are here- to provide a service that really makes a difference to them.

  • If you had 3 wishes for your department – anything at all – what would they be?!


  1. To increase the capacity of my team and to offer even more services to residents, more often.
  2. We have a really good, solid team and each member is a true asset for our organisation. I want to continue their excellent work, to keep supporting them and to provide motivation.
  3. I would love for our external supporters, donors and families to know how amazing our Therapy Team is. I would like to recognise their commitment, expertise and dedication to the Nightingale Hammerson family.  I hold them in great esteem and thank them for all that they do.


  • What are you plans for the team at Hammerson House?

The whole team are very excited about the opening of Hammerson House and I have been personally involved with the project management of our new department since day 1.   This includes room design and deciding upon best equipment for the team and residents.  For example, exercise bikes and specialist therapy machinery for our therapy rooms. Above all, I am responsible for ensuring our high quality and standards at Nightingale House and Hammerson House are continued.  Our values and mission will carry on at Hammerson House and I cannot wait until our doors open to new residents in the spring of 2021.